short film by Daniel Rosales, and Executive Producer Alcides Dias.

“Mago” the magician is struggling to make ends meet. After an extremely disappointing evening, he comes home home to find his assistant is not exactly faithful. What happens next is pure magic.


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Director's Statement

We tried to capture the feel and tempo of the old silent films, merged with a grand illusion stage show. My hope is that viewers find both truth and humor in this comedic look at love and loss. “

Daniel Rosales

Daniel Rosales

Father husband, Producer, Director, Writer, voice Actor, in that order. Artist, turned actor, turned director/writer, has now returned to art in the form of digital animation. Taking advantage of the strides in 2D digital production, Daniel is now focused on telling stories in short animated indie films. This marks Daniel’s 3rd animated short, following “A Good Buy” and “Nightwalkers“. These follow Daniel’s award winning short film “Atomic Battle Hero Fighters“, now available on Amazon Prime.

Alcides Dias

Al has been involved with the entertainment industry for over 25 years creatively living in the moment. Starting off his career in the music industry as an Independent Record Label owner/producer led to his introduction to Television and Film and attended the Art Institute of Dallas in 1995 for the Music/ Video Business Program. Certified for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Al plans to build and expand his pursuits into productions of great significance while getting more involved as an Executive Producer/ Producer/ Writer.