Father husband, Producer, Director, Writer, voice Actor, in that order. New novel available on Amazon. #MyFrankenstein #RosalesComics #RainbowFalls

Daniel was born and raised in large Hispanic family, in the culturally rich Worth Heights district of Fort Worth Texas, back in 1967. He has always had a love of film, entertaining, and performing; after many years as a Magician and Comedian, Daniel decided to pursue his dream of working in film.

His first acting job was in a PSA for the “West Nile Virus”, and soon landed extra work on “Prison Break”, studied acting under Dennis O’Neil, worked with Terry Kiser and others on the TV Pilot “Bail Out”.

Daniel wrote and Co-Directed “Sherlock Hernandez: The Cortez Affaire”, which starred Hank Sinatra, Dana Brumley and Robert Seals, and was an official selection at the Glen Rose Neo Relic Film Festival in 2010.

He continues to produce films in the DFW area such as the award winning short film “Sorry I Missed You” written and Directed by Bill Hass.

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