Celebrating the history of 2D animation.

I have a vivid memory of Saturday mornings as a child, and wanted to create the same memories for my own children, and for myself as well.

Daniel Rosales

1st Saturday Morning

Featuring Snuggle Bunny

A well to do bunny faces challenges in everyday living in this fun loving tribute to Saturday Morning cartoons. Laughs come fast and furious with this classic style animated show, following the antics and schemes of Snuggle Bunny and his friends.

Love Is Magic

Mago the magician is struggling to make ends meet. After an extremely disappointing evening, he comes home home to find his assistant is not exactly faithful. What happens next is pure magic.


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Nightwalkers tells the story of a couple lost in South Texas who discover something that should have been left alone. Met coldly by the unwelcoming locals, they soon find themselves facing danger in an abandoned town.

Alan and Rebecca run afoul of locals deep in the hill country of south Texas. They are non-courteous, very guarded and very intolerant of strangers. Keeping an eye on the travelers, they do their best to move them on to more welcoming parts of Texas. But when the couple decides to keep looking for the old ghost town, the locals move in to keep their secrets.

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